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Electricity Company Worker Falls on The Ground As Residents Push His Ladder


A staff member of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) fell from a high height and landed dangerously on the hard ground after some angry residents he was disconnecting pushed the ladder from under him.


It is reported that the PHCN staff member was doing his work according to instructions from his superiors, but some of the affected residents were not happy about the action.

According to Correctng.com, the man was about to disconnect the overhead cable in the area when some young men came and lamented that there was no light in the community in the first place, so they didn’t see the need for the disconnection.


A video that has emerged online shows another man holding the ladder for the PHCN staff member to do his job, but one of the residents angrily pushed the ladder together with the man who was holding it.

As the ladder was suddenly removed from under him, the PHCN staff fell and landed on a nearby sewage cover while struggling to save himself.

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