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Popular Journalist recounts as a joke the minister of roads defense for the passage of E-Levy


A broadcast Journalist and development activist Ishmael Mubarak has described as a joke the defense of the roads and highways minister Hon. Amoako Atta to the passage of the the E-Levy. He questioned the grounds for which the minister haulted the collection of road tolls without any legal instrument enforcement nor recourse to the final loss it possess to the state.

The minister was spotted in parliament giving a speech over how funds from the E-Levy when approved will help his ministry function better in the interest of all Ghanaians something the journalist quizzes. He's quoted by saying "how do you cause grave financial loss to the state by closing down the tollbooths with impunity then on the other hand seeking to depend on the proposed E-Levy to deliver in his ministry.

Ishmael Mubarak was quite emotional about how bad he believes the economy is being managed by the current government during his online program KA W'ADWENE on YouTube.


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