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SHS placement cards out – Buy here

The computerized placement cards to check the school postings of students who participated in the just-ended Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) are now available, an EducationWeb partnered CSSPS vendor has said.

Speaking to us on Wednesday, the Ghana Education Service (GES) approved vendor said that each school placement card cost GHC 9.00, a price more affordable and considerate than what other vendors are charging per the card.

Announcing the affordable prices for the available 2021 computer school placement checker cards, the vendor said 1 to 9 of the cards cost GHC 9.00 each, 10 to 19 for GHC 8.00 each and 20 or more for GHC 7.50 each.

An official of the Ministry of Education Tuesday told EducationWeb, the management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) after an upcoming sensitization on the 2021 computerized school placement will release the school postings.

Following the soon to be released 2021 school placement, we encourage all persons who will be associated with the nationwide school placement checking process to purchase their placement card from our trusted CSSPS vendor.

How to buy 2021 computer school placement card online

1. Click on the link to contact the CSSPS vendor on WhatsApp or call (0593 02 93 05)

2. You will be welcomed with a message asking the number of pieces of the placement card you want to buy.

3. Make payment to the Mobile money number provided by the Chatbot (0593 02 93 05) for your card depending on the quantity (i.e 1 to 9 cards GHS 9.00 each, 10 to19 cards GHC 8.00 each and 20 or more cards for GHS 7.50 each)

4. After confirming payment, kindly wait a minute to receive your 12 digit code of the school placement voucher.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if any problem persists, our Editorial staff are ready to provide the necessary support and assistance to ensure you successfully check your 2021 computer school placement hassle-free.

How to check 2021 school placement using evoucher

1. Visit the CSSPS website https://cssps.gov.gh

2. Click on check placement

3. Enter your Index number and eVoucher Pin (At this stage enter your BECE Index number and add 21, Eg 100000000020 and your 12 digit voucher pin).

4. Click on submit and wait for a new window to display your placement

Congratulations as you successfully check your 2021 Senior High School placement, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in case any problem persists. Please report placement challenges to the CSSPS solution centre in your region.

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