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Ghana doesn't need more than nine Supreme Court Justices — Kwabena Agyapong


Ghana does not need more than nine justices of the Supreme Court, a former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyapong said.

Currently, there are sixteen Justices of the Supreme Court including the Chief Justice but Mr Agyapong said there should be a cap on the number of Justices in the country.

“There should be a cap”, he said while speaking on Gh One television on Thursday May 5, adding that it should be more than nine.

On the issue of whether or not Ghana needs a new Constitution, he said he does not think Ghana needs a new document.

Asked whether Ghana needs a new set of laws, he said “No, I don't think so.”

Some Ghanaians including members of the Economic Fighters League , have said the current constitution of Ghana is to blame for what they describe as, rot, suffering and ill-governance being experienced in the country, which according to them, gives life to retrogression and discrimination.

In a statement to mark Constitution Day, the Fighters said the 1992 Constitution was deliberately drafted, gazetted and adopted just to benefit a few elites.

The Fighters have been at the forefront of the demand for a new constitution saying the current one has put Ghanaians through 30 years of retrogressive governance, constitutional dictatorship, poverty and underdevelopment.

To buttress their demands, the Fighters said every constitution must be the foundation upon which freedoms are built which they say is unfortunately missing in Ghana's constitution.

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