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A Letter To The Vice President, Dr Mahmoud Bawumia

 Salam Alaikum Dr. Bawumia,

It’s your Kamara brother from Laribanga. I bring you greetings from the great mountains of Laribanga. I wish you well in your political exploits.

Sir, I just read on your Facebook page where I saw a picture depicting that you came to Savannah Region specifically, to Debre to cut sod for the Debre inland port project to commence. If I were mischievous, I would have ask you a question as to how many inland ports that we can equate to one Ghana card, but because I am a pessimist, and one who knows the value of economic infrastructure, I would allow that question to slide

Your Excellency, I know how tough it is for you in these times. The case that you have run down the economy with your unrealistic policies, recklessness and conspicuous incompetence, coupled with the fact that your NPP members are using this as a card to foil your Presidential ambition, one should expect this amount of desperation in you. So, it is understood that you want to prove a point and to be seen working when in actual fact, it is business as usual; deception! deception! deception!

Mr. Vice President, I want to remind you and your boss of the outstanding arrears of promises and projects in Savannah Region you either cut sod for or emphatically promised they were going to be executed within some time frame.

To begin with, in 2018, right at the instance of the Yagbonwura, you, Dr Bawumia, made a promise that the Damongo water project was going to start that same year, but it was going to preceded with some 10 mechanized boreholes to abate the impact of the acute water shortage in Damongo township. That promise is over 5 years now. If it were a child, he/she would have been preparing for Primary 1 next academic year.

Following closely to this, your boss himself, President Nana Addo on 29th July, 2020, came to cut sod for the so called Damongo water project at the Damongo town park. He did so without any contractor on site and no specified timelines were given. The current MP for Damomgo Constituency, Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor followed up with plenty promises with different quotations to cover for the deceit. It’s been two years now and the people of Damongo are still struggling for water.

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