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The Ghana SIM Registration App To Register Your SIM Card From Home

 The Ghana SIM registration self service app

The National Communication Authority (NCA) in a press release on August 26th, 2021 announced to Ghanaians the release of the “SIM Card Registration Self Service App”.

The app is intended for SIM Card users in Ghana who has not yet finished registering their SIM Cards to do so.

The NCA brought out this idea after majority of Ghanaians failed to complete their SIM card registration when they were given a deadline to do so with their Ghana cards.

With the GH SIM Self Reg App, it is believed it will enable all Ghanaians to be able to register the SIM Cards at the comfort of their home with no stress.

Who can use the app

Subscribers who have gone through the first process of the SIM Card registration and have acquired their unique code can use the app. To verify your code, dial *404#.

How do I get access to the SIM Card registration app?

The GH SIM Self Reg App is an easy way to register your SIM card without having to go through the hassle of going to a physical store for SIM registration. To get the app,

1. Visit playstore on your android phone and in the search bar section, type in GH SIM Self Reg App to download.

2. In a short possible time, the app will be ready on your phone for use.

Note that, the app is only available on Google playstore for now and thus, it can only be accessed by android users.

What do you need to use the app?

Make sure your have access to the

details below in order to have ease

in using the app.

1. You first need to have a Smart

Phone to be able to have the


2. Ghana Card is the only

accepted ldentification Card to

register the app.

3. You need to have Internet

Access to be able to complete

your registration.

4. You need to have an Emal


5. Your Unique Code for your SIM

after Stage 1 Registration must

be available.

6. Ghana Digital Address will be

required during registration.

7. Mobile Money Account for the

GHS5 payment to complete the

registration. The mobile money

account does not have to be a

Mobile Money account for the

SIM that is being registered.

What is the benefit of

the SIM Self Reg App

The benefit of the Ghana SIM

registration app according to NCA is

to provide convenience for

subscribers for th to be able to

register their SIMs from their

homes, offices and any convenient


Is it free to regíster your

SIM Card on the SIM

Self Reg App?

Registering your SIM Card on the

SIM Self Reg App is not free. Users

need to have at least GHS5 in their

mobile wallet to make registration


How to use the SIM

Card Reg App

1. You first need to download the

App from Google Store.

2. Once you download the App.

you have to create an Account

by providing your phone

number (note that the number

does not necessarily have to be

the SIM you are registering).

3. Provide your Email address,

First name and Last name and

a 4-digit PlIN.

4. Log in using the credentials you

created in step 2 and 3 to start

the SIM registration.

5. Select the type of ID you will be

using. Ghana card will be the

only option in this section.

6. Select your netvwork provider

(MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo and

Glo) from the list provided.

7. After network selection, enter

the number of the SIM you want

to register.

8. Enter the phone number you

want to use for mobile

payment. (If you are using the

same number, you entered

when you were creating the

account, you can leave it blank).

9. One you have selected the

Ghana Card ID, enter your

unique code (the number your

network operator provided to

you when you did the first


10. If you forget the unique code

number, you can dial *400 on

your network.

11.If you have not yet linked your

Ghana card ID with your phone

number, please do so by dialing

*404 to do so.

12. After validation of your

subscriber unique code, you will

be prompted to confirm your


13. Click on confirm to initiate the

payment process. The mobile

money provider will send you

SMS to enter your PIN to

confirm you are paying for SIM


14. After the payment is confirmed,

you will receive notification on

your mobile money account for

payment to be authorized.

15. You will need to scan your

Ghana Card ID in the next step.

The app will load your personal

information and the document

number on the screen. Please

pay attention to the screen and

follow the prompts on the

screen to capture the front and

back of your Ghana Card.

16. After scanning your Ghana

Card, the app will ask you take

a selfie for a liveness and

likeness check and also scan

your face to confirm you as the

real owner of the card. If

successful, the app will send

you to the next step to scan

your fingerprints.

17. You Will see a screen with the

instructions on how to scan

your fingerprints. After reading

the instructions, click to start


18. If successful, you will get a

notification that you are done

with this for both your left and

right fingerprints.

19. Congratulations! You have

successfully registered your

SIM Card if you have

successfully gone through all

the above process.

NCA Official Press Release on SIM

Card self service registration app

You can contact the NCA via their

official website, www.nca.org.gh. for

more enquiries or contact their

Operational Support Center via toll

free on 0800 110 622.


It is the responsibility of every SIM

Card user in Ghana to register their

SIM Card before the give deadline

date. With the SIM Card Reg App, it

is now more easier and comfortable

to register your SIM Card with ease.

The information and procedures

above is all you need to do so.

The Sim Registration App :DOWNLOAD

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