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 As per the leader of NUGS, Dennis Appiah Larbi, the ongoing recompense was "not at all reasonable!"

The Public Association of Ghana Understudies (NUGS) has spoke to President Nana Akufo-Addo to build the month to month recompense for public assistance faculty to GHC800.

At present, administration faculty take GHC559 each month.

As per the leader of NUGS, Dennis Appiah Larbi, the ongoing recompense was "not in at any rate reasonable!"

Larbi in a post via web-based entertainment said the allure was made to President Akufo-Addo at a gathering on Thursday (3 November 2022).

Larbi said the authority of NUGS let the President know that the solicitation whenever conceded will be viewed as an indication of pure intentions by youngsters in the country.

"This evening, I mentioned from the Leader of the Republic in a gathering, an expansion in NSS recompense to 800 cedis," he posted on Facebook.

"Appearing of completely honest intentions is significant in getting youngsters to comprehend the times we regard ourselves as in. As a feature of the solicitation to the Leader of Ghana this evening, we asked for an addition in NSS recompense to 800 cedis! I rehash 559 isn't in any case reasonable!"

NUGS likewise spoke to the President for a stop on the school and convenience expenses considering the ongoing monetary difficulties.

History of NSS recompense increases

Government in December 2016 supported GHC559.04 to be paid to Public Help Faculty as a month to month stipend, beginning 1 January 2017.

The checked on sum addressed a 60% augmentation of GHC350 which faculty were getting at that point

In January 2014, the Public Assistance Plan recompense expanded to GHC350.00 from GHC243.48.

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