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Telecommunications begin blocking unregistered SIM cards

 The Office of Broadcast communications said that its individuals (AirtelTigo, MTN, and Vodafone) have gotten obstructing and turning going SIM cards that haven't been enrolled with the Ghana Card.

In a proclamation from November 22, the Chamber said that the choice to hinder SIM cards that haven't been enrolled came after a November 11 request from the Correspondences and Digitalization Service.

"Since November 20, 2022, our individuals have hindered information administrations for all endorsers who have just completed stage 1 (linkage to Ghana Card) of the SIM enrollment process yet not stage 2 (biometric catch)," the assertion said.

It asked all endorsers who have Ghana cards however haven't completed stage 2 (biometric catch) to do as such by November 30, 2022.

As indicated by the articulation, all supporter SIMs that haven't gone through the biometric catch enlistment step by November 30 will be totally switched off by the Telcos.

It advised individuals who need additional assistance to enlist their SIM cards to reach out to the Public Correspondences Authority or their versatile organization administrator.

"We are sure that the area Service and NCA will declare ways of aiding individuals who truly don't have Ghana cards once progressing talks are finished," the assertion said.

On November 11, the Correspondences and Digitalization Service said that SIM cards that have been connected to Ghana Cards however haven't gone through the second period of enrollment will not have the option to utilize information administrations after November 20 and will be switched off totally by November 30.

As of November 9, the Service expressed that around 30 million SIM cards were connected to Ghana Cards and that 20.9 million supporters had completed the enrollment interaction by having their biometric information caught.

The Priest of the Area said that means will be taken to assist with peopling who don't have Ghana Cards register their SIM cards.

This is the subsequent time supporters' SIM cards will be switched off for not being connected to their Ghana Cards.

Some SIM cards were switched off on September 30, since they couldn't be enrolled on schedule

From that point onward, these supporters had the option to utilize their telephones again on the grounds that the Correspondences Pastor broadened the cutoff time for enlisting SIM cards.

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