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30 youth groups Call on GLYA PRO to contest Yapei-Kusawgu seat

Some youth groups in the Yapei-Kusawgu constituency have called on the Public Relations Officer of the Gonjaland Youth Association, Muftawu Habibu to contest the parliamentary seat in the 2024 elections. 

The youth numbering over 100 from across the constituency paid a call on Muftawu at his residence to convince him to contest the seat as an independent candidate. 

Leaders of the youth groups who say they cut across the political divide took turns to assure him of their unflinching support should he decide to contest. 

Saaka T. Abdul Karim who spoke on behalf the youth of Buipe Yipala said they came to the decision because people who represented the constituency since 1992 has not lived up to expectations. 

He said they see in Muftawu, a reincarnation of Ndewura Sumaila Jakpa who is dedicated to serving humanity. 

"We couldn't meet Muftawu in Buipe, we had to ask and they said he was in Tamale that is how we came here from different parties."

"Muftawu, dont refuse this call, its you we want. You have done a lot of things which impressed us so we know if we give you power you will turn Yapei-Kusawgu around, so we are here, we don't have money but we have energy to go round the constituency and let people know its you that will develop the constituency."

For his response, Mr. Muftawu thanked them for the honour done him and for recognising that he has the capacity to represent them in Parliament. 

He however requested them to wait until after the enskinment of the Yagbonwura and to allow him time to consult with family and friends.

"I am overwhelmed by this gesture done me by you, I have heard you and I thank you very much, even this alone is like a chieftaincy title so am grateful."

"I know that whatever God wants from this meeting will happen but I want to plead with you to let them enskin the Yagbonwura and to allow me consult my old lady and friends and whatever decision we come to, will be announced in the constituency."

Mr Habibu Muftawu was alleged to be at the centre of some disturbances that led to the shooting of one person at the Damongo police station in January this year following which he was recalled by the Information Service Department as the PRO of the Savannah regional coordinating council.

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