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Persons with disabilities sensitized on disability funds disbursement

The Savannah Region branch of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organization and National Council on persons with disability have been sensitized on the new guidelines for management and disbursement of funds for persons with disability.

The event was held at the conference hall of the Catholic guest house in Damongo on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

The sensitization exercise was done in partnership with the UKAID.

Presenting an evidence based review report, Mr. Matthew Annoh Kodom, National president of the Ghana Society of Physical Disabled (GSPD) said the new guidelines is going to help members of the federation in the disbursement of funds and also prevent the interference of politicians in funds disbursement as funds were usually disbursed without criteria.

He added that the aim of the funds is to minimize poverty among persons with disabilities through sustainable decent work and also to enhance their social image through dignified labour with the objective of supporting income generating activities of persons with disabilities as a means of economic empowerment.

"The District Assembly common fund for persons with disabilities shall be accessed by individuals who are persons with disabilities and are not working in the public and formal sector or not in any gainful employment activity, mothers or caregivers of persons with disabilities" he stressed.

The Regional president of the Ghana Federation of people living with disability, Mr. Takora Joshua Dramani called on the Local Government Ministry to approve the new guidelines as Ghana was the first country to sign onto the UN convention on the right of persons with disability.

He further appealed for his signature be appended to approve funds as the regional President before disbursement and also to supervise after disbursement.

Members of the Federation were full of smiles in affirmation of the new guidelines for management and disbursement of the common fund for persons with disabilities.

They however expressed sadness over the delay of the approval of the new guidelines by the sector Minister.

The event brought together personnel from the department of social welfare and representatives of the UKAID.

By: Cajetan Don-nonge 

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