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Communication and digitalisation Minister supervise Girls in computer training in the Savannah Region


The minister for communications and Digitalisation, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful hasbeen touring centers in the Savannah region where girls are being trained in ICT.

The programme is part of government's initiative to train 5000 Girls from five regions including the Savannah Region is part. in information communication technology (ICT) to help address the gender digital gap, provide ICT skills, and encourage more girls to take career paths in ICT.

One thousand basic school girls in the region were selected from schools in all seven Municipalities and districts as beneficiaries, 100 teachers have also been trained in Information Communication Training (ICT) to undertake this initiative in their schools. 

The delegation earlier payed a courtesy call on the Yagbonwura, Bii-Kanuto Jewu Soale (I) to inform him of the mission of their visit.

The minister for communications and Digitalisation, Ursla Owusu Akuful interacting with the girls who are being trained in the Savannah region urged them to add value to their lives. 

According to the minister, women who add value to their lives are able to better contribute to themselves and society. 

"Obey your teachers and your parents and stay focused, for girls there are many destructions but the boys they will always be there so add value to yourselves so that when they are coming, they will come properly, they know that this is a lady so you can't just come and treat her any how so they will come properly and come and marry you well because they will see that you also have something to contribute to the home."

The minister also told the media after visiting various training centres she was impressed by what she saw.

"We did the 3 Bunu regions last year, we have already done Oti and North East so it's left with the Savannah and the northern regions and we are here in Savannah thus week and I am very impressed with the quality of instructions they have received in the last 4 days, some said they have never seen or touched a computer before, now they are creating their own games, they are creating their own word documents and many more and that is the reason we are doing this."

The ministry of communications and its partners this year and every year, work together to inspire and encourage girls to pursue a future in ICTs.

They empower the girls by ensuring they have the necessary skills, confidence and support to achieve their goals. 

In 2023, International Girls in ICT Day was celebrated on 27 April.

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation this year is training 5000 girls from five regions in Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

The regions are Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Savannah and Northern Region.

The training, is to give the girls the opportunity to explore the world of technology, through the creation of websites, computer games, interactive arts, mobile apps, and animation stories, using various programming languages.

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