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Detail Biography Of StarBoy Weapon.


Detail Biography Of StarBoy Weapon. 
 (The Fastest Rising Artiste Ever From North East Region).

A Ghanaian Songwriter / Musical Artiste "Sampoa Abel Yennumi" Professionally Hyped As (Weapon) is counted as The North East Region Biggest Afro Pop, Hilife and Hiplife i. e. A crossover Guru. 

Weapon was born and breed in Yunyoo-Naagu on the 12th February, 1994. He begun his Education at the Gambaga Prisby Primary school in the year 2000 to 2006 and was crowned as their sports prefect to assist Erect that sector, he continued his Junior High in 2007 in same school. 

Weapon from this point in his ambition towards music started in gambaga during his junior high education where he migrated to his hometown (Bunkprugu) then complete his junior high school in (Salimbouku "B") around 2010. 

Dude got Admission To Salaga Senior High school and there opened the opportunity for him to pop up with His first Master piece tune titled  "No Time" in 2014 after a successful Senior High school completion in 2013. 

Lucky Enough, "No Time" or "YoKa" in their Local Tongue/Dialect became a popular and sweet Product in their ears. He multiplied his capabilities by producing a second tune and name it "Liyialibe" and in English as (It Pains Them) and gracefully, it granted him the needed fame in the Bimoba Kingdom. 

Diligence they say it pays, the "Liyialibe" crooner got nominations in the Bimoba Music Awards 2021 and conquered The Afro pop Artiste of the year Category and recently also Won NEMA2022 Hilife Artiste of the year. 

Many Describes Weapon as the Bimoba Music "Worrier" after succeeding in several banters, while others claims he inherited almost every aspect of his physical assets from his beloved Dad (Sampoa Timothy Laari. 

Destiny truly can be delayed but never can it be diminished. Our Star Boy proceeded then grabbed admission to the Tamale Nursing Training College (Gate Health Training) in 2018 and apprehended His Health care Certificate. 

He later Sat for a diploma in business certification and currently schooling at the Kintampo College of Health and well-being pursuing Diploma in Health information management. 

In history, Weapon is the most vibrant and most rising star ever in the Bunkpurugu / Yunyoo District with doubtless unwritten and inked records in the Bimoba entertainment Fraternity. 

His recent hit song was a collection of the Dagban Rap Don Dee Verse (Collaboration) of which they Honorific as (Love Forever) while he kept the masses anticipating on his joint also featuring Sapashini From the North East Region... Thanks for reading.

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 Star Boy Weapon: A Melodic Gesture of Gratitude to His Fans

Star Boy Weapon, the talented recording artiste and afro pop singer hailing from Bunkprugu, Ghana, recently emerged victorious as the Afro Pop Artiste of the Year at the prestigious Northern Music Awards. In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, Star Boy Weapon decided to surprise his ardent fans with a special thank you song. This essay explores the significance of this heartfelt gesture and its impact on both the artiste and his dedicated fanbase.

Star Boy Weapon's meteoric rise to stardom has been fueled by the unwavering support and love of his fans. Recognizing their immense contribution to his success, the artiste felt compelled to express his gratitude in a unique and memorable way. With his musical prowess and emotive lyrics, Star Boy Weapon decided to compose a thank you song as a token of appreciation for the overwhelming support he received during the Northern Music Awards.

The thank you song serves as a testament to the deep connection between Star Boy Weapon and his fans. Through his music, the artiste channels his emotions, recounting his journey and acknowledging the crucial role his fans played in his victory. The lyrics are crafted with heartfelt sincerity, expressing gratitude for their unwavering loyalty and the belief they bestowed upon him.

This surprise gesture not only serves as a thank you but also reinforces the bond between Star Boy Weapon and his fans. It demonstrates his genuine appreciation for their unwavering support and dedication. By acknowledging their role in his success, he strengthens the emotional connection and establishes himself as an artiste who values and cherishes his fanbase.

The impact of this thank you song extends beyond mere words. It resonates deeply with the fans, reaffirming their belief in Star Boy Weapon's talent and inspiring a sense of pride and joy. The song becomes a symbol of their collective achievement, uniting them as a community of supporters. It also encourages other aspiring artists to recognize the significance of their fans and the impact they can have on their artistic journey.

Star Boy Weapon's surprise thank you song serves as a testament to the artiste's humility, gratitude, and love for his fans. Through this melodic gesture, he not only expresses his appreciation but also strengthens the bond between him and his loyal followers. The thank you song stands as a timeless reminder of the power of unity, gratitude, and the lasting impact of the artiste-fan relationship.

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