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St. Anne's hospital to shutdown following power disconnection


Management of the St Anne's hospital in Damongo say they will be forced to close down the facility if power is not restored in good time. 

NEDCO on Thursday May 4, 2023 disconnected power to the facility which serves as the Municipal hospital for more than 4 million Ghana cedis bills owed. 

Management of the hospital say it is the responsibility of Government through the ministry of finance to pay electricitybills of the hospital as it is not allowed to bill patients for electricity which has been the practice.

Dr. Nelson Agboadoh, Medical director of the hospital told Citi News NEDCO disregarded a communication from the Christian Health Association of Ghana  CHAG which indicates an agreement with government through the fiance and energy ministries and the power distributors not to disconnect Health facilities. 

"The facility itself does not pay electricity bills, we submit the bills to government to pay so we don't bill patients for electricity, recently we were told we owe so much so on 27th April CHAG wrote to all facilities that the association, government and power distributors to exempt us from the exercise but NEDCO in Damongo went ahead and disconnected us today."

He warned they will be forced to close down the hospital if the power is not restored. 

"If the electricity is not re-connected the hospital will come to a halt, we can't do anything because we can't sustain the buying of fuel so we will all return to wherever we came from to work here is there is nothing to do."

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