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Visionary Dipanticha Partners With Gambaga Stars Fc.


Visionary Dipanticha Partners With Gambaga Stars Fc. 

 Dipanticha Trading Enterprise Partnership With The Gambaga Stars Football club Was Successful today Saturday "11th June, 2022" At The Gambaga Assembly Hall (North East Region).

The Nation Building Cryto currency company (Dipanticha) poised The Gambaga Fc / North East Sports Today At Their Glamorous Partnership Event Delved On the bases of how To Help Create  Massive Avenues For The Young And Talented Footballers Within The Region. 

They stated ; 
 "Dipanticha Trading Enterprise is partnering with the Gambaga Fc But not taking Full ownership of the Football Club." This partnership comes With A lot Of Guiding Principles And conditions, Among Which Are. 

1). "Board Of Directors And Management : 
Both Teams shall agree and nominate Members to chair the affairs and Activities of the club, the board shall be the governing body of the club and will be responsible for the appointment of a coach and the technical team. It will also be responsible for the electing of a financial Funds management and keeping. 

2). Ownership of Club or Shares;
*Dipanticha Trading Enterprise Own 50% Shares 
*Dipanticha Trading Enterprise Owns 100% shares and takes over management and appointment of the board and other executive of the club. 

3)..Profit And Loss Ration ;
*Under This 50% deal, profits and losses Shall not be apportioned base on the contribution of the  partners. Dipanticha trading enterprise will take 50% in an event of loss and 30% in an event of profit sharing at the end of each financial year. 
*Under the 100% deal, Dipanticha trading enterprise will take 80% in an event of loss and 60% profit in every financial year or whenever it is necessary. 

4).  Expenditures Of The Club. 
Dipanticha Trading enterprise will bare 50% expenditure incurred by the club and take 30% of profit. 
* Dipanticha Bares 100% expenditures of the club and 60% Profit incurred by the club following the expenditure lines.
1. Training equipments and logistics
2 Transportation of the team for matches
3. Player Transport in the case of Justification.
4. Signing of a player.

5).  Sales Of Players ;
Any sale made by the club amounting to not more than Gh¢5000.00 will be used as funds by the club and will not be shared by share holders or partners. In the event the Team makes the Gh¢5000.00, Dipanticha trading enterprise is entitled for 30% of the sales value. 

6).Decisions Making And club Management. 
We as partners will be fully involved in decisions making and management of the club to ensure efficiency and transparency. Any decision regarding the sales and signing of a player should be discussed and a unanimous decision reached before any action is taking"

More than 200 guests were present from around the region to join in celebrating the partnership launch Of This great Successful opportunity.

Signing of partnership conditions forms by both teams was Done and high hierarchy promise was followed by the chief executive officer of Dipanticha trading enterprise in the midst of the attendance.

Ali Dipanticha Rabiu aka Mr. Doggy loudly vowed with the microphone that, "he only need less than 5years in the partnership deal to surprise them by pushing at least a player out of Gambaga or Northeast to the Ghana Black Stars National team." 

 Ali Dipanticha Partners with Gambaga Football Club: Ascending to the Apex

Ali Dipanticha, a renowned philanthropist and sports enthusiast, has recently formed a partnership with Gambaga Football Club (GFC) with the aim of assisting the club in its journey towards success and reaching the apex of their performance. This collaboration not only signifies Dipanticha's commitment to the development of sports but also highlights his belief in the potential of GFC. Through this alliance, both Dipanticha and GFC envision a brighter future for the club, fostering growth, and creating opportunities for aspiring footballers.

A Shared Vision for Success:
Ali Dipanticha's decision to partner with Gambaga Football Club stems from his passion for football and his dedication to empowering young talents. Recognizing the potential in GFC, Dipanticha aims to provide the necessary support to help the club realize its aspirations and enhance its performance on the field. The partnership is built on a shared vision of achieving success and creating a positive impact on the community.

Infrastructural and Financial Support:
One of the key contributions that Ali Dipanticha brings to the partnership is his expertise in infrastructure development and financial backing. Recognizing the importance of adequate training facilities, Dipanticha commits to assisting GFC in improving its infrastructure, ensuring that the players have access to top-notch training grounds, gymnasiums, and modern equipment. Moreover, Dipanticha's financial support will help the club recruit talented coaches, establish youth development programs, and organize friendly matches to provide exposure to players.

Professional Development and Mentorship:
In addition to infrastructural support, Ali Dipanticha understands the significance of holistic development for young athletes. With his network of sports professionals and mentors, Dipanticha will facilitate opportunities for GFC players to receive specialized training sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs. This exposure will not only enhance their technical skills but also nurture their personal growth, instilling discipline, resilience, and leadership qualities.

Community Engagement and Grassroots Development:
Ali Dipanticha believes in the power of sports to inspire and transform communities. In collaboration with GFC, he plans to launch initiatives that encourage community engagement and grassroots development. This may include organizing football clinics, tournaments, and awareness campaigns to promote the sport and create a sense of unity and pride within the Gambaga community.

Inspiring a Culture of Excellence:
Through his partnership with GFC, Ali Dipanticha aspires to instill a culture of excellence within the club. By fostering healthy competition, setting high standards, and providing ample resources, the partnership aims to create an environment where players are motivated to improve their skills and strive for greatness. Dipanticha's unwavering support and belief in the team's capabilities will serve as a constant source of inspiration, encouraging them to push their boundaries and excel on and off the field.

The partnership between Ali Dipanticha and Gambaga Football Club represents a significant step towards the club's progress and achieving excellence. With Dipanticha's vision, financial support, infrastructure development, and commitment to holistic player development, GFC is poised to reach the apex of their performance. The collaboration not only benefits the club but also has the potential to inspire aspiring footballers in the community and pave the way for a brighter future in Gambaga's football landscape.

Thanks for partaking, another thanks for reading and for the cooperation, may Allah fulfill their intentions and bless our home land (North East Region) and both parties in the deal... 

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