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OjahDrumz Ft Maccasio & DL - Sharatu (Mixed By OjahDrumz).



OjahDrumz, a talented sound engineer hailing from the northern region of Ghana, specifically Tamale, has recently delighted music enthusiasts with his latest collaborative work. Teaming up with renowned artists Maccasio and DL, OjahDrumz has unveiled a captivating track titled "Sharatu." This composition intricately weaves a tale centered around a fascinating woman who shares a romantic connection with the artists.

"Sharatu" encapsulates the essence of the lady's enchanting qualities, capturing the hearts of the artists involved. OjahDrumz's expert engineering skills shine through in this production, delivering a rich sonic experience that complements the lyrical storytelling. The synergy between Maccasio and DL's lyrical prowess and OjahDrumz's exceptional production prowess creates an extraordinary musical journey.

With this release, OjahDrumz proves his ability to curate exceptional collaborations, showcasing his dedication to promoting and elevating Northern Ghana's music scene. "Sharatu" serves as a testament to the vibrant talent present in the region, providing a platform for local artists to express their creativity and share their stories with a broader audience.

OjahDrumz's latest achievement further solidifies his position as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music industry and leaves fans eagerly anticipating his future project.

Please kindly scroll down and Tap on the Download button beneath to Grap a copy of this new music into your device Playlist and enjoy your day with a great jam collaborations from the North under the records of OjahDrumz. 

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