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Buipe, two other communities in central Gonja submerged in water

The National Disaster Management Organization reports that more than five hundred households, residing in over a hundred houses, have been displaced.

Cameras from Kasha News captured houses submerged up to their windows.

Some of the displaced individuals are staying with relatives, while others have sought refuge in shops.

The inundation is a result of the Black Volta River overflowing its banks, exacerbated by continuous heavy rainfall in the area.

With additional rainfall anticipated in the coming days and into October, many more houses are at risk of being submerged. 

Buipe's affected residents are urging the government to prioritize a lasting solution to this recurrent problem, attributing the flooding to recent sand-winning activities and emphasizing the need to reclaim the area.

They are expressing their preference for a permanent solution over government relief items.

Meanwhile, NADMO has not yet provided assistance to the victims, leaving the affected residents awaiting aid.

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