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Kudus is taking good care of me and the family - Father

The  biological father of Mohmmed Kudus, Ghana Blackstars and West Ham United player, Mr Mahama Mohammed has praised his son as being responsible off and on the pitch. 

Speaking exclusively with KASHA Fm's Mudasiru Afari Techi, Mr Mahama Mohammed Yaw confirmed that, his last born with Madam Meri, known as Kudus Mohammed has been taking care of him and the family well and that, Ghanaians should continue to pray for him.

He revealed that he has three children with the mother of Mohammed Kudus, Mma Meri, and that Kudus was the last of the three.

He further stated that Fataw Mohammed is first the born, Memunatu Mohammed, being the second before Kudus Mohammed. 

He said Meri later in their marriage relocated to settle in Nima, a suburb of Accra with his inlaws.

Kudus Mohammed started his football and education in Accra, after the mother relocated from Kpongri, a community in the Bole traditional Area of Gonja with his other siblings.

Mr Mahama Mohammed Yaw also confirmed that Sakpa which is a great Gonja community in the Bole District is his hometown and that his biological father was late  Sakpawura Soale of blessed memory, though he currently lives in Kpongri, his wife Meri, and his 3  children live in Nima. 

Mr. Mohammed indicated that Kudus and his siblings provide for his needs and visits him at the village regularly. 

He called on all Gonjas and Ghanaians to pray for their wards and their chosen carriers provided it is not thievery or armed robbery and that as a proud father, he has continuously prayed for his son Mohammed Kudus and the entire family. 

He called on all Ghanaians to continue to pray for Mohammed Kudus and his family for Allah's blessings. 

Mohammed Kudus became a household name in Ghana after performing well for club and country in the years 2022 and 2023 with many people have twisted stories to claim that Mohammed Kudus was from either their region or tribe.

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