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The cry of the beautiful Damongo AstroTurf during showers of blessings

Growing up in Damongo, capital of the savannah region, one could not boast of nice training pitches. Our beloved seniors went through hell on the several "Dangerous pitches" around just to learn and play football. 

It was suicidal anytime those so called pitches were used due to their gravelled nature, coupled with the gully death trapped holes created by erosions across the entire circumference of the pitch especially when it rained heavily. 

I remember vividly how players of several teams in Damongo went on a communal labour to fetch sand and filled potholes before football games were played. 

Many had life-threatening injuries, which eventually and forcefully ended the careers of some in football. 

The financial loss of having to buy football boots multiple times in a month due to the bad nature of the porous fields were hell for most people who could barely survive on low incomes. Until now, I never believed a central defender could wear boots to play a goal kick. Poverty made most players play barefooted on suicidal fields in the early 90s and late 2000s and a believe even before then.

Many of these players have gotten their legs broken and or dislocated, and others are walking in a dancing mood or form with their legs balanced like some musicians in Omofia.

Today, we can be proud that a stakeholder, Hon Lawyer Abu Jinapor, turned the almighty Damongo suicidal town park to an AstroTurf with some stands for spectators to watch good football. 

The last time I checked, thousands of pictures have been taken on the AstroTurf due to its beautiful outlook by constituents. Many people within the Damongo catchment area have benefited from the Damongo AstroTurf so far. 

Weddings, outdoorings, meetings, Eid prayers, and football matches are organised and witnessed on it. 

Unfortunately for my people in Damongo, our maintenance culture on developmental projects is something we can not be proud of. The deplorable state of the Damongo AstroTurf this soon especially after a rain fall is something that needs urgent attention. 

Information I have gathered indicates that there is a committee tasked to cater for the wellbeing of the AstroTurf. 

I pray that this committee succeed in their mandate. Especially the chairman of the committee, who I personally adore and like for many years growing up in Damongo. 

It is our prayer that all internally generated funds the AstroTurf gave to the West Gonja Municipal Assembly coffers would be used judiciously to maintain it.

 It is our collective responsibility to draw the attention of the WGMA on how the Damongo AstroTurf needs serious works in order to keep it in good shape and for a longer life span.

It rained in Damongo on Tuesday, and the water level on the Damongo AstroTurf could be used to supply my former school, DASS' Jakpa and Ewuntomah houses. 

The AstroTurf is seen sinking gradually, and if care is not taken, by the end of December 2023, we would have another "Bondalima Dam," open in Langbonto for commercial purposes. 

I want to call on the MCE, Hon Kusubari, Lawyer Abu Jinapor, Mp for Damongo constituency, and our beloved Regional Minister, Hon Saeed Muhazu Jibril, to as a matter of urgency visit the AstroTurf for first hand information in order to be well informed about the steps in dealing with the situation at hand. 

I also want to call on the Damongo constituents to inculcate the habit of protecting and preserving capital projects for the future betterment of the greater Damongo. 

It is my hope that the Damongo AstroTurf "tears" eventually stop dripping, "Konkoyiman£" Together, we can do it. No one does it alone. 

Thank you. 


Mudasiru Afari Techi (Kasha Sports)


0 24 294 8638

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