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Yagbonwura sworn in as President of Savannah Regional House of Chiefs

The King and Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, Yagbonwura Bikunutu Jewu Soale I has been sworned in as the president of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs.

The ceremony took place at the forecourt of the Jakpa Palace in Damongo on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

The Yagbonwura was first administered with the oath of president to oversee the administration of the chieftaincy institution in the region.

In tandem with the customs and traditions of Gonja, Yagbonwura Bikunutu Jewu Soale I also swored an oath using the skin of an antelope as an indication of his readiness to bear true allegiance to ancestors of the Yagbon skins.

The Yagbonwura in a speech reard for him by Kpembe-Wura Banbage Ndefoso after the swearing in ceremony expressed his willingness to rule with sincerity without prejudice, fear or favor.

He emphasised that he is determined to ensure justice under his reign in line with equity, rule of law, and in accordance with the customs and traditions of the land.

He gave assurance that he will play a pivotal role to keep to the relative peace being enjoyed in the region to enhance socio-economic development.

Yagbonwura Bikunutu Jewu Soale I used the opportunity to convey appreciation to members of the chieftaincy institution for their diverse roles played during his enskinment as the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom.

The King takes over from his predecessor, late Yagbonwura Tutumba Boresa I who was the president of the house until his demise.

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